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Do you suffer with your feet?

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Written by J.Small   

Are your feet being properly looked after? If you see a chiropodist, are you getting the best treatments available? Does your chiropodist tell you how to cure your problem? Are they experienced at improving your symptoms permanently?

Do you have a problem you don’t think a chiropodist can deal with? Do you have chronic heel pain? Does your knee hurt? Or your back? Have you seen a Podiatrist (Foot Specialist)? Do you realise that all of those areas are often improved through biomechanical intervention?

We are former NHS Senior Chiropodists / Podiatrists able to treat all foot problems listed in this website, but with our own specialist areas:

  • Mr Jonathan Small – correction of biomechanical problems, intensive treatment plans to cure even chronic foot problems (e.g. corns, neuromas, metatarsalgia, plantarfasciitis), nail surgery to permanently resolve in-growing toe-nails, treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, cryotherapy and Falknor's surgical needling for verrucae, low level laser therapy, and provision of insoles / orthotics / medical footwear. Jonathan worked for the NHS for 20 years: 8 of these as Diabetes Specialist Podiatrist, 4 years as a Specialised Gait & Movement Analyst, and 8 years as Consultant Podiatrist.
  • Mrs Judy DeArmitt – responsible for palliative care, diabetic foot monitoring, management of chronic conditions and verruca treatments.

We are properly trained, fully experienced, and insured unlike others who offer foot treatments – remember that the titles HCPC- Registered Chiropodist and Podiatrist are now protected by Law. Don’t risk your feet – you only get one pair!

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The human foot was originally designed to travel on soft, natural surfaces like earth and sand. Unfortunately, instead of soft earth, we now spend every day walking and standing on unnatural hard, flat surfaces like pavements and floors. These surfaces force our feet to roll inwards to gain ground contact and our arches flatten. This rolling inwards of the foot ('excessive pronation') is believed to affect over 50% of the population.

Health First offers a clean clinical environment with sterilised instruments and all the latest equipment. Established in Southam, Warwickshire for 20+ years with 5000 patients registered & over 200 patients seen each month

  • Routine foot care and follow-up treatments are available from just £30.00
  • Initial assessments for new patients cost from £50.00
This is from a note from just one of our many grateful patients: “Thank you very much for the phenomenal improvement you have effected to my feet. Walking in comfort had become a forgotten memory”


Introduction to Foot Conditions and Treatments

In an average lifetime, our feet carry us the equivalent of five times around the world. With all that work to do, it is not surprising that our feet occasionally need some first aid. So in this website, we will provide a quick guide to some of the more common foot problems, what you can do for them yourself, and what is the best overall care. To start reading about more specific conditions, simply use the link below:




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We operate a separate, dedicated website under the brand name, "First Aid For Feet" where you can buy all the foot care products we recommend (and stock) in the clinic. If you are unsure whether a product is right for you, please call us before you order and we can advise you.


The contents of this website including any details given about conditions and treatments are for information purposes only and must not be used as a guide for self-diagnosis or self-treatment. Health First and Feet First (Southam) Limited do not accept any responsibility if the information held on these pages is used in any other way except for personal enquiry.

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