Good Podiatrists Never Stop Learning

Do you remember your 12th birthday? It’s that last one before you are officially a teenager. The one where you are two thirds of the way to adulthood with all of the excitement and fears growing inside you.

My son is at that pre-teens stage, and my focus is to encourage a lifelong love of learning for him. By showing what can be achieved with knowledge, he will hopefully enjoy a life journey of understanding, fulfilment and happiness for himself, but also he can share that to help others. For example, he is a Junior Instructor for his self-defence club and sees the pleasure each week that comes from enabling others to grow.

This learning and growth is what my son has observed throughout his life, including seeing his father do the same. I am often engaged with CPD (continuing professional development) and this time of year is particularly busy with podiatry-related conferences and courses that challenge the old grey matter, improve my professional practice, and update my clinical knowledge as the boundaries of medical science are forever pushed forwards.

It’s really important that I do this CPD in order that I can keep my patients safe and provide the most up-to-date treatments available to solve their foot and gait-related problems.

Without this CPD, then I could not honestly say that I am doing the very best for those who seek my expertise, and that is an important standard for me and my clinic. As I started my “foot” studies in 1987, that means any patient who comes to see me receives 32 years of learning from me, in order that I can help them as much as possible. This is exactly what reviews say about me such as this one left for us on Google earlier this year:

“Specialist advice from a highly skilled and knowledgeable professional – bridging the gap between podiatry and physio for successful outcomes of foot issues”

Unfortunately for the public (and that includes those who kindly read my articles), some healthcare providers think that obtaining a qualification means they can stop learning, and I’ve seen many such “competitors” sit back on their laurels and never grow for the benefit of their patients. This is the exact opposite of what I’ve done and what I am encouraging my son to do. Together we are loving learning and loving sharing knowledge with others.

Jonathan Small, Lead Podiatrist & Mentor

Health First Foot & Gait Clinic

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My son learning the importance of trusting in a safe pair of hands that has your best interests at heart. This is exactly what you want from any health care provider you see.

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