Joanne Moss – From Legal Eagle To Fabulous Foot Fan

We asked our administrator Joanne Moss to share her Health First story, so over to you Joe:

Who knew that an ingrowing toenail could lead to the perfect part-time job? That is exactly what happened after a visit to Health First with my son in April 2019 and meeting Jonathan and Kate.  That month, one of their long-term receptionists had retired and they were just about to advertise for a replacement. Having spent 16 years working in the legal profession and specialising as a Debt & Insolvency Lawyer, Podiatry was something I knew nothing about, but I was intrigued and keen to join the team.

Within 3 months of starting work at Health First and working with Jonathan, his expertise, commitment and enthusiasm to provide excellent foot care rubbed off and I was enrolling onto a 12-month course to become a Foot Health Practitioner (FHP) at The SMAE Institute. Having Jonathan as a mentor and with extra time to study during lockdown 1.0, I completed all 12 modules quickly and passed my final theory exams.  Unfortunately, COVID measures repeatedly postponed my clinical training opportunities and they were finally curtailed when I heard that I will be leaving Southam with my husband’s job within the next year.

However, the knowledge I have gained over the last 12 months from the FHP course has been extremely useful and enables me to deal with patients’ queries and questions upon initial contact more confidently.  I am also hopeful that leaving Southam will not mean the end of working at Health First especially with the ability to work remotely and the provision to provide clerical support from afar.
Working at Health First is more than just a job. We strive to make the clinic as efficient & effective as possible and to optimise the patient experience. The team at Health First are always looking for continuous improvement and learning from experience.  Kate and I share a raft of responsibilities, from managing the online footcare products store ( to account management, but patient service and care is always at the forefront and our priority.  Health First is a great place to work, and has provided me with plenty of learning and development opportunities. Jonathan and Kate are now not only work colleagues but friends as well.

Joanne Moss Our Employee At Health First Southam