Footwear That Fits

We offer a variety of footwear services to help our patients:

Dr. Comfort footwear with a full measuring & fitting service.

In our experience, Dr. Comfort footwear provides fantastic quality and comfort especially for those with any form of foot deformity. Within the Dr Comfort range you’ll find diabetic shoes, comfortable trainers, and wide fit smarter footwear! You’re bound to find the perfect fit for day-long comfort whilst on the go. Dr Comfort shoes will help support your feet by using the latest technology and designs, making them ideal for sensitive feet.

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A referral to ShoeMed currently with a 20% discount.

We have been working closely with ShoeMed for many years and patients benefit from the first-class fitting service they provide. Normally there would be a 10% discount using our code “HEALTH10”, but from 15th – 29th March for the #PodsHealHeels campaign, you can get 20% off with the code “HEALHEELS20”.

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Bespoke footwear

Through our lead Podiatrist, Jonathan Small, we have access to an extensive range of hand crafted styles, sizes and fittings through ‘standard’ made-to-order therapeutic footwear. While this caters for most requirements, there are circumstances where a particular element of this range of footwear requires alteration to provide the optimal fit and function. Through a modular and full bespoke service we can tailor footwear to your exact requirements.


Wide footwear brochures from mail-order companies

There are always a selection of brochures available on our leaflet rack at the entrance to our clinic for you to pick-up and order direct from the suppliers.