PodsHealHeels: A discussion with comfort shoe retailer ShoeMed

Who are ShoeMed?

ShoeMed is an award-winning specialist footwear shop that has been built partnering with Podiatrists, working together to provide the best possible outcome for patients. ShoeMed prides itself on the footwear they offer, the service they provide and the relationships they have within the foot health industry.

It’s #PodsHealHeels month! The nationwide campaign by Podiatrists to cure painful heels all over the UK. ShoeMed is working with Podiatrists to offer women’s and men’s specialist comfort footwear, designed to reduce the impact of medical conditions and enable an active lifestyle.



How does ShoeMed cater to foot conditions?

In order to help prevent painful foot conditions from developing in the first instance, you need to be wearing footwear that has the correct amount of arch support, a good amount of cushioning and support, and shock absorption in the sole to reduce the impact of the heel strike. ShoeMed offers orthotic friendly shoes for custom inserts and foot orthoses, strongly supporting orthotic prescriptions. Feet are incredibly individual, ShoeMed can assist in finding the perfect orthotic friendly footwear to keep you in comfort, all day!

How can Podiatrists and ShoeMed resolve Plantar Fasciitis?

Two words that echo loudly in the world of foot health and painful heels and those two words are Plantar Fasciitis. This common condition is caused when the muscle tissue connecting the heels and toes, the plantar fascia, gets damaged. A more common term for this condition is Policeman’s heel as it is more frequent in jobs that require you to regularly walk and run large distances.  Unfortunately, there is no quick & easy fix to plantar fasciitis, and a Podiatrist can help identify an effective treatment plan. This is why it is so vital to regularly visit a Podiatrist.  Also – there are many other reasons that heels can be painful, so a professional diagnosis can save you years of pain and wasted money if it is not plantar fasciitis.

What brands does ShoeMed support?

ShoeMed supports a range of specialist comfort brands including Joya Shoes, Finn Comfort and YDA. Joya shoes are recommended by AGR, the Association Forum Healthy Back – Better Living and Federal Association of German Back Schools, as being particularly good for the back. The soft sole of Joya makes them an excellent choice for suffers from plantar fasciitis, with Joya Curve soles helping to train good posture and prevent back and joint problems.

Joya Shoes

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If your car is broken you go to a mechanic, if your teeth need treatment you go to a dentist, and your hair needs colouring you go to a professional stylist. If your feet are painful, go to a Podiatrist and a professional shoe fitter. ShoeMed offers Filter-By-Condition and free online video footwear consultations at ShoeMed.co.uk. Get 20% off full-price items using code: HEALHEELS20. Valid March 15th to April 1st.


If you’re suffering from heel pain, contact us to book an appointment with us here at Health First South. We will be happy to help put that spring back in your step.