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The cost of corns

If you have ever suffered with corns on your feet, you will know how painful they can become if left untreated. There are numerous types of corns, but all of them can affect quality of life in some way. At their worse, they can even lead to infection and sepsis, but so can some of…

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The cost of ingrowing toenails

Following on from last month’s article introducing the various costs associated with health problems, I thought I would start with something apparently fairly simple – ingrowing toenails. However they can be far from simple. In my days as NHS Diabetic Foot Specialist, I was involved in the case of a man who developed gangrene from…

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The cost of (im)mobility

The past few months have focussed all of us on the costs of things. COVID-19 has robbed us of so much, and we will never fully understand the costs to us as individuals and to society as a whole. Physical, emotional, & financial costs have been bourne by us and will unfortunately continue for a…

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Health First and Covid 19 coronavirus

**UPDATE 4/10/20** Its been a busy summer at clinic especially for our Lead Podiatrist, Jonathan Small. Whilst the reception staff have been furloughed, he has cleared the backlog of patients postponed due to lockdown, and treating increasing numbers of new patients. In September, receptionists Kate and Joe started to return and everyone has been pleased…

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10 painful foot conditions that can be cured

Have you ever heard the phrase “when your feet hurt, it hurts all over”? Well for many people, it really is true. Foot pains & problems are very common, and they reduce our mobility, restrict our activities, and even affect our mood. However, there is good news – these painful foot problems can be cured.…

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