Changes are afoot!

Inflation is taking its toll on our business so our PODIATRY fees ONLY will be increasing on 1st October 2023 by approximately 7% which is still below the rate of inflation. As always, we try to provide as cost-effective care as possible, complemented by products you can buy to use safely at home – most can be found here:

Also we have a new Foot Health Practitioner (FHP) joining us in October. Michael Babb will take over Vicki’s workload as she focusses her efforts nearer home and we send her off with all our best wishes and thanks for her input to Health First over the past 18 months. Mike will only be able to see patients on THURSDAYS but our FHP fees will be remaining virtually the same as they have been despite the Podiatry fee increase.

Michael was born in Kent and has now settled in Northamptonshire with his Wife and two children. He has been lucky enough to have always had jobs he loves. His varied career has taken him from international banking to finance, working in the countryside to full time athlete, international sports coach to disabled athletes and ultimately feet. Outside of work he still coaches part time, enjoys spending time with his family, often walking his two rescue dogs, photography and cooking. He believes in working hard, doing the best he can, knowing his limitations and constantly looking to learn and improve himself. His wife’s aunt and cousin have both been Foot Health Practitioners (FHP) for many years and introduced him to the profession prior to Covid. As restrictions lifted he decided the time was right to start his FHP life, and we are delighted to be welcoming Mike to our clinic team where he will be working alongside our Lead Podiatrist, Jonathan Small.


Remember that if our fees cause difficulties for you, then let us know as one of the following options may be suitable for you:

  1. Only essential work could be carried out so it may be possible to adjust your treatment tier downwards
  2. Treatment fees for Mike Babb (our Foot Health Practitioner) will be 20% cheaper than for Jonathan Small (our Lead Podiatrist)
  3. At any time we can revisit your treatment plan to reconsider if more cost-effective solutions are an option for you such as:
  • Scheduling of less frequent appointments so less yearly cost for you
  • Insoles/silicones or surgery and/or intensive treatment plans to improve or cure your problem so less longterm care required