Health First and Covid 19 coronavirus

**UPDATE 3/4/20**
We now have the ability to do chargeable video consultations online to supplement our existing free telephone triage service and free online “Find Your Foot Pain” service.

Video gives us the ability to remotely assess & advise upon any new foot-related condition or reassess any existing ones. We can monitor progress and supply direct to your door any required products that are safe & effective for home use.

So please leave us a message on 01926 811272 or email so that we can help you keep mobile, active, and pain-free as safely as possible. This ensures that your foot-related problems are not a drain on NHS resources at present.

For those patients whom we triage as requiring treatment in person at this time, we are following the National Guidelines explained in the infographic below, and have been doing this & more to protect our patients since before lockdown.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our business, and we look forward to seeing you again in the future.
Patient Guidance fro The College of Podiatry

**UPDATE 24/3/20**
Following the Prime Minister’s announcement of lockdown at 8.30pm on 23/3/20, we are having to shut our clinic except for those patients with an absolute medical need to see us. There are many exemptions, but predominantly this means those with moderate and high risk diabetic feet, and those who have foot ulcers and/or acute foot infections.

If you are in the middle of a treatment plan with us, then this can be resumed once we are able to see you again. If you require interim advice, then we can provide that over the telephone. If you require any foot care products, then please order them from and they will be sent directly to you.

If you have a new foot problem, visit our free online service at for helpful information. However if you require a video consultation to assess, diagnose, and give best advice at this time, then this can be arranged.

Please call us on 01926 811272 to discuss your requirements. Leave a message for us, and someone will get back to you promptly. If you are eligible to attend clinic,  then please follow the advice on social distancing given below.

We wish you all well and encourage you to follow Government regulations & guidelines to keep yourselves and others safe.

Information from 19/3/20:

I hope this blog finds you well and coping okay with the current virus situation.

As a frontline healthcarer, I am still able to treat you in order to prevent you developing a more serious foot problem that could put pressure on NHS resources.

We are doing everything possible to keep our patients and staff safe, but need your help with doing this, especially with regard to social distancing. So please can we ask you to do the following if possible:

1. Arrive through the door of the clinic exactly at your appointment time – wait in your car or on the patch of gravel outside our clinic if necessary.

2. Upon entering, immediately apply the handgel that we have available on the reception desk.

3. Take a seat in the waiting area away from anyone else who may also be seated, although by insisting on people arriving exactly on time (not early or late), we are hoping to avoid any crossover.

4. Your treatment will be provided as usual, but we will try to maintain social distancing, including finishing your treatment in time to avoid crossover with the next patient.

5. Pay with card rather than cash or cheque (or we can email an invoice for bank transfer).

6. Leave the clinic promptly – we sincerely apologise that this means we may cut short any social chat at this time.

7. Postpone your appointment if you or anyone you have come into contact with are showing ANY signs of Covid-19 coronavirus infection.

8. If you need to cancel your appointment, please can you give us as much notice as possible so that we can plan the knock-on effect to others.

By following all of these, we hope to be able to continue to provide podiatric healthcare for the most at-risk in our population, as the last thing they need would be an acute foot problem because we had to close the clinic.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions or queries or require any assistance with anything at all, please do not hesitate to call us or reply to this email. We are here to help you if we possibly can.

Keep safe and best wishes.
Jonathan Small – Lead Podiatrist – Director


We believe it is important that as many people as possible follow the current UK Government guidance on what to do if they are affected by COVID-19 coronavirus, so we are sharing this information to our customers. Please click this updated link and read what it says:

Here at Health First, we have always made the safety of our customers an absolute priority. This also applies to our staff and we will be following any up-to-date guidance should any of us show symptoms of infection. If you need to cancel any appointment you have with us, then please let us know with as much notice as possible. Likewise we will do the same.

We are doing everything currently available to us to help to keep you safe at this time in any physical contact you may have with us. This includes us maintaining our high standards of infection control such as:


In addition, we have increased the extent & frequency of our surface wiping and we have made hand gel available for your use if you visit our clinic. You are also welcome to wash your hands upon entering or leaving the premises.

If you don’t already have an appointment and would like to have your foot-related problems treated before any potential lockdown, then please get in touch for a prompt appointment. For those who do not wish to attend our clinic, then whilst the UK Government allows it and neither our staff nor anyone in your household shows any signs of infection, we are happy to visit you at your home should you require treatment. Please call us on 01926 811272 if you would like to discuss this option.

We intend to continue to supply footcare products directly to your door by Royal Mail should you require them. We have good stock levels, and these are all safe for home use to help to keep you comfortable in the event of you not being able to be treated by ourselves or your usual foot care provider. Please call 01926 811803 for a brochure or order directly from

Rest assured that we will be packing any orders in our clean facility and with washed/sanitised & gloved hands. We are continually exploring ways to reduce our use of plastic for the benefit of the environment, and you will notice further changes to our packaging as suitable alternatives become more readily available. If there are any items you require that are not listed on our website, let us know and we will do our best to get them ordered in & delivered to you promptly.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or require any further information.

Thank you for trusting us to help you. Keep safe.

Jonathan Small
Lead Podiatrist & Owner

  1. Pam Alexander on March 24, 2020 at 6:12 am

    I was expecting this Jonathan. I was going to postpone my appointment today anyway. I wish you and your staff all the best at this difficult time and I will see you as and when things change for the better.

    • Health First Southam on April 3, 2020 at 2:47 pm

      Thank you. Please keep yourself safe and we will see you again hopefully in the not too distant future.

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