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Just 3 weeks ago a new patient came to my clinic with a hole in his foot. Yes, you read it correctly – a HOLE! It was as if someone had gouged out a grape-sized piece of flesh under the ball of the foot. Can you imagine how deep that would be? It was certainly close to the underlying joint/bone. To make matters worse the rest of the forefoot was red, swollen, and hot. He was a keen golfer but had been unable to play for months due to the pain of this wound. He was fed-up and desperate.

Eventually, he was recommended to see me having seen at least 4 other health care professionals, and he made the 45 minute journey to my clinic in Southam. I listened to his story of let downs, frustration, pain, and loss of quality of life. I realised I needed to understand more about how this hole had started and what care had been provided. So I contacted those involved in his care to find out that it all began as a corn. Again you’ve read it correctly – a CORN!

But how can something as common or even simple as a corn lead to a deep hole in a foot? Well, generally it is due to one of 2 reasons or a combination of them – neuropathy (nerve damage) and vascular disease (poor circulation). There are several reasons why you might develop these in your life, but the most cause is diabetes.

Now, this patient hadn’t been diagnosed with diabetes and hadn’t been treated for the raging infection in his foot that could easily have led to amputation of the foot or even sepsis and potential death. Fortunately, I had previously spent 8 years running the Diabetic Foot Clinics at Warwick & Stratford Hospitals, so I was well equipped to turn this potential disaster around.

And turn it around we have with a happy ending to this story. Through appropriate Podiatry care, the infection is gone and the hole is nearly healed. By the time you read this, I expect complete resolution. The patient is pain-free and has played a game of golf. He is delighted, as am I. Another fixed foot enabling mobility, activity, and improved quality of life.

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