FOOTVALUE is a concept that our Lead Podiatrist, Jonathan Small has developed, having spent 30 years learning about it through interactions with patients and foot colleagues (Podiatrists, Chiropodists, Foot Health Practitioners etc.) and other healthcare professionals. Through gaining a greater understanding of FOOTVALUE, he has been able to build a highly-recommended private Podiatry clinic that has helped thousands of patients to achieve the best possible outcomes for their foot-related problems, as well as help many other Podiatrists achieve the same for their patients.

FOOTVALUE all starts with realising that feet are important. When things go wrong with them, which they often do, then the effects on health, wellbeing, and day-to-day activities can be immense. This means that feet are worth looking after, and worth investing in to keep them in the best possible condition.

FOOTVALUE continues with an appreciation that high-quality healthcare is not cheap, and it does no-one any favours when it is devalued through a lack of understanding of FOOTVALUE. Just because our feet are furthest away from our brains and hidden from sight in footwear, does not mean that they should be neglected or not invested in. We look after our teeth twice a day and see dentists for regular check-ups – how often do we look after our feet and get them professionally checked? Our own personal health should be a priority and when we have problems that affect our health, we should seek out those with knowledge, skills & tools/equipment to help us. These all take investment to obtain – either in terms of time or money or both.

FOOTVALUE is about a fair exchange of value for everyone’s benefit. It involves providing successful & cost-effective solutions to patient problems in an ethical & professional manner. The more that Podiatrists embrace FOOTVALUE into how they care for their patients, the more their patients will benefit. The more they benefit, the more investment can occur for their benefit. It is an upward reinforcement cycle to the highest possible standards of care.

Having built a successful business based around FOOTVALUE, Jonathan has put together an online workshop for his foot colleagues to understand more about it, so that the foot health of the public improves and people can do the things they enjoy which rely on their feet being pain-free and healthy.

The FOOTVALUE workshop has been well received with feedback/reviews such as:

“Jonathan’s delivery was great and kept your concentration. I would definitely recommend to others”

“I am great at attending courses and not putting into practice – this will rectify and advertise new acquired skills/services”

“I now know I have undervalued my time and effort”

For more information on FOOTVALUE or to book a place on an online FOOTVALUE workshop, please leave a message in the comments below or email health1first@aol.com.

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