Our Top Summer Foot Care Tips

Summer is officially in full swing and this year; we’ll definitely be taking advantage of the beach and pool weather. However, throughout our sun-filled fun, we must not forget about the importance of taking care of our feet.

As you lounge around by the pool, consider the following foot-care tips to see you through the longer summer days.

Prevent Infection

Fungus and bacteria thrive in warm and wet environments – swimming pools are basically a playground for fungi and bacteria. Verrucas and toenail fungus are easy to pick up if you’re hanging around the local pool, so it’s essential to protect yourself.

Wear flip-flops or pool socks when wandering around and be sure to bring a fresh pair of socks to change into after your swim session.

Keep Your Feet Sweat Free

Socks also can provide the perfect warm and moist environment for fungi to thrive, so it’s essential to keep on top of your shoe and sock hygiene. Change into a clean pair of socks daily, and more frequently if you’re undertaking exercise or activity which may cause your feet to sweat.

You should also keep your shoes dry and clean as much as possible. Most shoes can be put into the washing machine should they become wet or if you’ve frequently been sweating in them. Remember to dry them thoroughly before use, and don’t dry them on a radiator!

Be Mindful Of Slips And Falls

A day out at the pool may sound awesome in the summer heat, but no one wants to return with a broken leg! Swimming pools are slippy, and while falls and slips can’t always be prevented, following simple guidelines such as not running by the pool edge can help prevent nasty injuries from slips.

Another tip here is to invest in some waterproof socks. Not only can this help prevent fungus and verrucas, but also help prevent slips and falls as they offer some grip on the slippy poolside edge.

Don’t Go Barefoot

In the summer heat, it may be tempting to walk around barefoot. However, this may cause you more harm than good. Walking barefoot can result in cuts and scratches, which could become infected. Where possible, stick to wearing socks and slippers or inside shoes even when lounging about your own home.

Use Moisturiser

Did you know you can use a moisturiser on your feet? In fact, we recommend utilising a moisturiser or foot cream on your feet regularly to keep your foot skin in good condition. You can use a cream all over your feet but be careful to avoid getting it in between your toes – you don’t want a build-up of moisture here because this area is prone to developing a fungal infection.

If you’re worried about your feet over these summer months, book an appointment to speak with one of our friendly team today.