Summer Foot Care

Spring is here and we’re all eagerly awaiting the warm weather. But before you dive in, it might be a good idea to take care of some of your necessities and make sure you’re up to scratch on your summer foot care routine. Your feet are probably neglected after spending months in winter boots. Thankfully, there are many simple ways you can take care of your feet. In this article, we will look at five easy tips to prep them for the warmer months!

Prevent your feet from becoming dehydrated

Keeping your feet moisturised is essential, especially as we are coming into summer. Make sure to use a moisturising lotion that’s thick enough to seal all the moisture in. You can even use face oil on your feet! This is a great product for your skin, and it’s non-greasy and works quickly.

Take care of cracked heels and foot calluses

If you have thickened skin on the bottom of your feet, it should be treated as quickly as possible. The best method to remove hard skin and calluses from your feet is to see a podiatrist, but if you do want to attempt self-treatment, you should use a pumice stone to scrape off the hard skin and moisturise the area with lotion. If you don’t have a pumice stone handy, use a foot file to sand away the hardened skin. 

Make sure you choose the correct footwear

Always wear comfortable shoes and socks to limit bacteria and prevent your feet from chafing. When you’re carrying heavy bags or undergoing any strenuous activity, make sure you’re wearing shoes that are meant for the job. Don’t wear flip-flops when going on a hike or if it’s wet outside — this can lead to water surrounding your feet and make your feet sore. If you are one for hiking, ensure you have a well fitting hiking boot that provides plenty of arch and heel support, this can help to prevent ankle sprains and much more. 

Treat ingrown toenails and corns

The easiest way to care for ingrown toenails and corns is to see a podiatrist. Ingrown toenails could require nail surgery under a local anaesthetic, which should be performed by a qualified podiatrist who is certified by the HCPC (The Health and Care Professions Council). The podiatrist will explain the procedure in detail beforehand, as well as the aftercare steps to follow.

Learn how to correctly cut your toenails

In the hot summer months, it’s important to care for your nails. This is especially true if you plan on wearing flip-flops. The first step is to ensure you’re trimming your nails correctly, keeping them a reasonable length with no jagged edges. The second is not to cut them too short, which can cause ingrown nails. Use a toenail clipper to trim your nails in a straight line across your toes.

Keep your feet clean and moisturised

Keeping your feet clean and moisturised can help you keep your feet feeling great this summer. Your feet are one of the most important parts of your body, so it’s essential to keep them healthy and moisturised in order to keep yourself healthy too.

When washing your feet, bathe them in warm water and ensure you check your whole foot for any injuries or scrapes, especially if you have been wearing open shoes. Then pat them dry and be sure they’re not damp before applying the moisturiser.

When applying, be careful not to go between your toes. Moisturiser can accumulate there and create a build-up of unwanted moisture, giving an opportunity to the likes of fungal infections and athletes foot. If you have foot problems, contact us to book an appointment for a full and proper foot examination. 

*This blog contains general information about medical conditions and is not advice. You must not rely upon the information in this blog as medical advice. Medical advice should always be sought from an appropriately qualified podiatrist such as ourselves.

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