2022 Fees

To help offset our Covid Surcharge that we had to introduce at the start of the pandemic in order to be able to provide the highest quality & safest service for our patients, we have not had any increase on our normal fees for over 2 years, and even withdrew some of our surcharges to ensure patients were seen promptly & safely when they needed our services. However our costs have gone up significantly during that time and further cost pressures are anticipated (e.g. from energy bills, stock & equipment import costs, inflation etc.)

For those who think our fees are expensive, then please read our blog on the cost of getting from A to B. We offer the highest level of service for our patients, and have the widest range of tools in our toolbox to help them. Wherever possible we try to save costs for our patients by avoiding unnecessary prolonged treatments by aiming to cure their foot-related problems.

Therefore our fees will be increasing on 1st March 2022. However, to sustain lower fees for those who require them, appointments for routine footcare will be available @15% discount (on Fridays only) with our new Foot Health Practitioner (FHP), Vicki Cooper.

Vicki Cooper, Podiatrist

Note that these are only available for those assessed as suitable for such appointments.

So, from 1st March 2022, our Covid Surcharge will be replaced with a Facilities Fee of currently £14 for each appointment. This is towards the costs of providing our services to patients – heat, light, rent, rates, (or vehicles for home visits) etc.

Our Consultation Fees are additional to the Facilities Fee to cover the costs of staff, training, equipment, PPE etc. We operate a tiered system for these set by the time required and the number of presenting conditions. Those Consultation Fees are as follows:

Basic treatment / advice – £42 with Podiatrist, £35.70 with FHP

Standard treatment / advice – £56 with Podiatrist, £47.60 with FHP

Extensive treatment / advice – £70 with Podiatrist, £59.50 with FHP

Super-extensive treatment / advice – £84 only available with Podiatrist

Advanced treatment / advice – £98 only available with Podiatrist

Therefore combining the above means that the total amount for follow-up appointment ranges from £49.70 to £112 depending on the number of conditions / treatments required and who provides the care.

For New Patients there is also an initial Clinic Registration Fee of £28 which includes statutory & insurance requirements, including appropriate health checks. For patients not seen for over a year, presenting with the same problem as previous, this will be reduced by 50% to £14.

On top of the above, there are Assessment Fees for new conditions (or for required updates) which are charged for separately and range from £14 to £84 depending on the presenting condition(s) and type of assessment(s) required. The more complex or numerous the problems, the higher the level of assessments will be required, hence there are a range of fees.

Therefore combining all of the above means that the total amount for New Patient appointments ranges from £98 to £224. This is comparable to other high quality private professional services both within healthcare (eg private GPs, dentists etc.) or outside of it (eg solicitors, accountants etc.). Remember your feet deserve the the best.

Podiatry home visits are also available but will incur an additional call-0ut charge of £28, plus a mileage surcharge of £3.50 from clinic. However there will be no surcharges for FHP home visits, but they will be charged at the same rate as Podiatry clinic appointments (so no 15% discount).

Details of other fees are available upon request at clinic reception so please do ask if you require any further information. We are here to do our best for you and your foot-related problems.

Thank you for your continued understanding and support of our clinic so that we can continue to provide our excellent services to those who wish to benefit from them. At the time of writing we are proud that we have helped over 7000 patients who have come to see us over the years. Many kindly leave reviews like these:

Thank you for your wonderful service…I have been in pain for a long time, unable to walk at times, not able to wear certain shoes and this has affected my whole life…within an hour of my appointment I began to feel the relief and effects of your treatment…14 days later I feel as though I have a new pair of feet! Thank you, amazing feeling!

I have recently had my first appointment with Jonathan the Podiatrist at Health First Foot and Gait Clinic.
His Clinic has a warm and inviting atmosphere and he has worked hard to make it Covid safe.
I found him thorough and the investigations and treatment plan for my foot problem were impressive. He was easy to talk to being both informative and friendly. I would highly recommend him.

We were really impressed with the professional treatment by Jonathan Small of my husband’s feet, which were in a really bad state after a serious operation for aneurysms. He came for a home visit soon after I had first contacted his Foot & Gait clinic, and also gave us some useful information and advice. We are very grateful and would recommend this podiatry clinic any time.

If you have benefitted from our care and would like to leave a review on either FacebookGoogle, Yell or Yelp, we would be very appreciative. By doing so you will help others to get the relief from their foot-related problems that they want in order that they can keep healthy, active and enjoying life. We do really appreciate all those who take the time to leave us nice reviews. or