National Feet Week – 10 painful foot conditions that can be cured

Have you ever heard the phrase “when your feet hurt, it hurts all over”? Well for many people, it really is true. Foot pains & problems are very common, and they reduce our mobility, restrict our activities, and even affect our mood.

However, there is good news – these painful foot problems can be cured. They just need accurate diagnosis, indepth assessment, and individualised treatment plans. If you want your foot issue cured, then (in the vast majority of cases) whoever you see with the problem should be able to do that for you or they should refer you on to someone who can. If they don’t offer you this, then maybe its time to look elsewhere as there really is no need to suffer.

1. Corns
These have a tendency to keep coming back, but they don’t need. Permanently removing the cause is what matters most.

Corn on foot

2. Ingrowing toenails
These don’t normally resolve permanently by just taking antibiotics, and nowadays we should be careful of our use of those. A simple operation creates a virtually guaranteed cure.

Ingrowing toenail

3. Verrucas
For these, we need to generate a cell-mediated immune response and they clear up. Falknor’s needling and SWIFT microwave therapy have the highest levels of success.


4. Plantar fasciitis (heel pain)
Getting the correct diagnosis is key as true plantar fasciitis is actually quite rare, yet the number of people who are told (incorrectly) that they have it is disappointingly high.

5. Athlete’s foot
This is one that can be cured by yourself but you may need guidance on how to reduce the fungal load so that you remain cured.

6. Fungal toenails
If you want to get rid of fungus infecting your nails, then tablets from your GP or Lacuna treatment by someone qualified to do it MAY be your best option. It can lead to dry flaking skin as seen in the Cracked Heels photo below.

Fungal nail

7. Cracked Heels
Try our special value Cracked Heels Pack from If that fails, then an intensive treatment programme can resolve these before summer sandals make them worse for you. To achieve resolution, its important to get rid of any underlying fungal infection which is evident in this photo alongside the heel fissures:

Cracked heel

8. Metatarsalgia (ball of foot pain)
This isn’t a true diagnosis in the same way that “headache” isn’t one. It’s just a description of a symptom, so its important to get an accurate diagnosis from a specialist.

9. Diabetic foot ulcers
These don’t always hurt, and NHS Podiatrists are generally good at looking after them, but sometimes they don’t have access to cutting edge technologies to help resolve them eg laser therapy.
Diabetic neuropathic foot ulcer

10. Excessive / over pronation
This is a misnomer that is still banded about even though, in recent years, science has put a spotlight on it and found the description wanting. It is most definitely not a “condition” in itself and therefore doesn’t need “treatment” or to be “cured”.


For more information on each of these, take a look around our website read our blogs and visit the “Your Foot Pain” section. Also, follow us on Facebook @HealthFirstSoutham.

Remember, there is no need to let your feet affect you negatively. At Health First Foot & Gait Clinic, we fix the feet that others can’t fix. We take a positive, evidence-based approach and aim to cure you if possible as we are passionate about helping you to keep active, mobile and healthy.

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